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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website about our plans to create Colne Valley View, a high quality housing development. The purpose of this website is to share information about our plans and more about us as developers over the consultation period.

Accrue Capital, who are the new developers of the site, are committed to delivering a high-quality housing and sustainable development. Our plans have been very carefully considered and have looked to differentiate from previous proposals.

We are more than housing developers; we are a new team of experts with an ambition to create a new community within Colne. Our placemaking ideals will ensure the new development has modern homes in authentic local styles as well as pedestrian connectivity throughout the immediate neighbourhood for everyone to enjoy.

Colne is a stunning part of Pendle and Accrue Capital’s vision is for Colne Valley View to be in keeping with the surrounding architecture and built environment. The proposed homes have been expertly designed by an award-winning architect and have put character and build-quality at the core of the development.

We understand the planning history of the site and draw on the lessons learnt from the 2014/2015 planning application and subsequent appeal when bringing forward plans for Colne Valley View. The proposed scheme is different and has a completely new team taking a fresh approach to that of the proposal which was submitted to Pendle Borough Council in 2014. Accrue Capital has taken a bespoke approach when evolving the design over the last year. At the heart of the plans for Colne Valley View is the design of the properties and how the development can complement the area’s already vibrant heritage.

Our plans are designed to create a new community, not just more homes. That is why we are consulting the community on our plans for Colne Valley View to ensure that the layout and design of new housing is informed by local views.

We want to do things differently. Accrue Capital understands the development at its current stage will meet the necessary requirements as set out in the Pendle Core Strategy planning guidance and other relevant national housing guidance, to receive approval. However, we want to work with the local community through consultation to shape our proposals to ensure it is welcomed and enjoyed by local residents. 

Following the end of the consultation, Accrue Capital will review all comments received and incorporate feedback provided into the final plans, where possible, before submitting a planning application.

The consultation will run from Friday 10th June – Monday 27th June.

Please take the time to read through the information available on this website and let us know your views. What you think of our plans is important to us, so have your say today!

You can find more information about Accrue Capital at:


We understand the local area and have designed our plans to be in keeping with the character of the immediate area. The plans include:


Our design considerations are outlined in our document which you can read here.

Traffic & Highways

There will be no vehicular access off Skipton Old Road, but the existing pedestrian access will be significantly improved. There will be vehicular and pedestrian access off Castle Road and from Windermere Avenue.


The risk of flooding to the site from all sources is generally low. A full assessment is being carried out which will also assess the risk of flooding posed by the development to areas downstream of the site. The assessment will be in accordance with the NPPF/PPG and local planning policies to ensure flood risk is not increased as result of the proposals.


The design of the site is informed by a range of ecology surveys/assessments. The boundary habitats along the east and southern boundaries will be retained and incorporated into a landscape buffer area which will include areas of habitat enhancement and tree planting.


Our plans for a new community at Colne Valley View will bring many benefits to the local area and people living within Colne. The key benefits include the provision of well designed, high quality homes of varying sizes and price ranges and improved connectivity with possible footpath links to the local school and other local areas. Employment will be created locally with supply chain benefits for local businesses during the construction phase as well as knock on benefits for local shops and services.

We will ensure that walking routes are maintained or improved and expanded. Our plans provide a definitive edge for Colne town, seeking to clearly define the limits to housing development. A potential Community Board will be installed to provide information on the local area and wildlife.

Our plans will also provide a new children’s play area (LEAP equipped area) and a Community Café which will be a community focal point to bring people together.


Tell us what you think

Thank you for taking the time to look at our proposals.

We are committed to listening to local people as we develop our plans and this consultation provides an opportunity for the local community to have their say. As such, we would welcome all feedback from those interested in helping to shape the future of the local community before we submit our final plans to Pendle Council in the coming weeks.

There are several ways to have your say:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please ensure all feedback is provided by Monday 27th June.

Data Protection: We hold all personal data as per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and your personal data will not be transferred outside of its jurisdiction. If you would like to make a GDPR request, please contact Lexington on 020 7025 2300. You can view our privacy policy here.


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